Custom Wooden Crates & Boxes

Crates and boxes are excellent for fully containing product during transit. Secure In Motion custom designs and builds virtually any size or complexity of wooden crate you require.

Our crates are most commonly made with hardwoods, OSB Sheathing, Plywood, and composite board – depending on the application. But we are not limited to these materials, we can custom design a crate to meet your specifications.

We offer a full range of design options engineered to fit your needs. Our crates can include access compartments, ladders, steel handles, hinges, eye bolts for tie downs, or any type of packaging supplies. We can build crates with floating decks, crates that include rigid foam for shock absorption and crates with VCI Paper & film to inhibit corrosion. We also build knock-down crates for OEM's with higher volume orders. Additionally, we are registered to build certifiable crates for exporting.

Visit our portfolio page for examples of custom crates we produced for specific applications.

What we offer in Crates and Boxes

Secure In Motion is a member of the NWPCA and has added their Pallet Design System™ to our service offering. The addition of this robust software will allow us to help clients significantly reduce costs, reduce product damage and increase safety throughout the unit load handling system.

  • Custom Crates and Boxes
  • New Crates and Boxes
  • Export Crates and Boxes
  • Used Crates and Boxes
  • Crate and Box Removal
  • Large or Small Orders
  • Pick-up and Delivery
  • 24-Hour Turnaround
  • Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Crate and Box Repair
  • Crate and Box Recycling


At Secure In Motion we offer CAD drawings of our crates using 3D Modeling Software called SketchUp.


Custom Wooden Crates and Pallets

Secure In Motion maintains three automatic nailing machines, custom saw lines, pallet repair & dismantling machines, dunnage trailers and a heat chamber for ISPM-15 heat treating.

Secure In Motion focuses on green

Recycle and reuse materials in our plant

We continually look for opportunities to recycle and reuse materials to move closer to a 100% bio-based product every day.


We focus on recycling all wood products that pass through our facility. We limit our footprint by repairing used pallets, grinding wood waste into a usable fuel source, and practicing a JIT (just-in-time) inventory of raw materials.

Energy Efficient Plant

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with energy efficient fixtures, LED lighting and energy management systems.

Reduced water waste manufacturing

We promote best practices encouraging our manufacturing facility to reduce water waste.

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We design, build and deliver wood crates, pallets, boxes, and skids.