transport your products safely

Secure In Motion is a wood packaging company that designs, manufactures, and delivers high quality products used in transport throughout the world. We specialize in providing top quality wooden crates and pallets, along with heat treating services.

Custom Crates and Pallets

One of the most challenging steps in manufacturing today is safe transportation. Secure in Motion provides custom wood packaging products that solve this challenge. Our products include custom wood crates, pallets, boxes, skids, and cradles. We design, build, and deliver to meet your requirements.

Secure In Motion maintains three automatic nailing machines, custom saw lines, pallet repair & dismantling machines, dunnage trailers and a heat chamber for ISPM-15 heat treating.

Our products are expertly engineered using top quality materials providing a sturdy foundation for shipment. Our crates are made from Hardwoods, OSB Sheathing, Plywood and Composite Board. We build our pallets from Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) and Hardwoods.

Our Goal

To provide the foundation required to transport your product safely while delivering the best customer service possible.
Serving North Carolina and South Carolina
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